Railway Journey: 3 types enjoy traveling the tourist train of Fujikyuko Line!


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  • Appearance, opened the beginning of the train model
  • Mount Fuji Express
  • Mount Fuji views express a view of the Mount Fuji
  • Driver's seat side of the special vehicle
  • Special vehicle is lined box seat, coffee shop-style
  • Mount Fuji Express, exit the outlook seat
  • Color scheme by car is different (Photo 3 car)

Hello everyone! Furuya is Atsumi. Journey of Fuji Kyuko line this time. Enjoy three types of tourist trains. Speaking of Fuji Kyuko lines, Fujikyu Highland of the series is also famous nationwide, but it is very popular as an amusement park to go to feel free from Tokyo!
But, in between the railroad fan, as railway closest to Mount Fuji in Japan, it is popular from the car window of beauty! Also adviser This time Mr. Takeyuki Tsuchiya of railway writer, the photographer has been gathering to welcome the Yuta Murakami!

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