8 popular hot spring resorts in Gunma, Kanto


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  • The Aqua Spa is a hot spring in the northernmost Minakami-machi of Gunma Prefecture. The water plateau ski resort enjoys a full range of outdoor activities such as tree skating.
  • Baochuan Hot Springs Wangquan Pavilion (おうせんかく) is known as the world's largest open-air hot spring! A natural hot spring surrounded by nature in the Ligon River. Some of the outdoor soup pools here are mixed baths. Remember to bring large and small bath towels to the room.
  • The Manza Highland Hotel is 1800 meters above sea level, but it is a rare mountain hot spring town in Japan. You can enjoy 4 kinds of sources, each with different colors (white turbid, transparent, the only yellow of the 10,000-seat hot spring)
  • Don't miss the traditional

Gunma Prefecture is located in the central part of the Japanese archipelago and is an inland area of the Kanto region. The most famous hot spring resorts are Kusatsu Onsen, Ikaho Onsen, Shimano Onsen, Onsen Onsen and Manza Onsen, with its beautiful Supreme Takayama. It is known as the hot springs of many hot springs and is famous for its many high-quality sulphur springs.

It takes about 2 to 3 hours by car from Tokyo (transportation: take the Nagano Shinkansen, tram and direct bus). Let us visit the 8 popular hot spring areas where you can relax!

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