Theme park of Heidi's Village Japanese anime, Yamanashi Prefectural Flower Center


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  • After passing through the square, there is a gently sloping flower garden beside it, filled with a strong exotic style.
  • Guided park (※ 16 years old or older) is provided.
  • It will be a picture wherever you cut it.
  • Tasting cheese aroma of Heidi's.
  • Restaurant sign, representing the grape pattern of Yamanashi fruit.

Heidi's Village (Yamanashi Prefectural Flower Center) is a Swiss village designed with reference to the animation "Heidi, Girl of the Alps | アルプスののハイジ". Looking at the Swiss national costume staff, you will see the entrance gate. The European stone town mapped in front of you, reproduce scenes of girls Heidi and Grandpa's Mountain Lodge! Let people linger in European-style fairy tale parks.

In addition, you can enjoy the flowers of different seasons, and the corridor of roses lasting 230 meters is a must see! Also overlooking Mount Fuji, it is suitable for the whole family to visit.

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