Enjoy the blue sea in beautiful Hitachi Station, Ibaraki.


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  • Japan's most beautiful seaside station
  • Sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, quietly facing the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the peaceful traveller.
  • Floating in the air in the general glass house Hitachi Station.
  • SEA BiRDS CAFE, muffins with fresh cream and bananas are delicious.

The name Hitachi (HITACHI) is no stranger to everyone, and some home appliances are the Japanese brand products. In the early 1900s, Hitachi City was actually an industrial city and the founding place of Hitachi, and it is still a very important economic pillar in the local area.

Hitachi Station in Ibaraki Prefecture is one of the most beautiful stations that railway fans can't miss. When you step out of the Hitachi Station gate, you can't help but "wow!" Amazing, facing the vast Pacific Ocean, the ends are endless or straight Or the curved road, accompanied by the blue sky and white waves, who can resist the beauty of the sea and sky outside the large window?

Hitachi Station was officially opened in 2012 and was designed by the famous Japanese female architect "Sister Island and World" born in Ibaraki Prefecture. The "SEA BiRDS CAFE (シーバーズカフェ)" invincible sea view restaurant, with simple industrial style furniture, is decorated with Haitian. The book with you, quietly let the Pacific Ocean accompany the whole afternoon, without losing the holiday atmosphere, but also earned a rare peace.

From Tokyo Ueno or Nippori Station, take the JR Toki Line Express to the east exit of Hitachi Station. The journey takes about 2 hours.

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