Ichiran Ramen: Not your Ordinary Japanese Ramen Shop

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  • It does let you know where you can find an empty seat—lights are red if still available.
  • Fill in the order sheet to customise your ramen with favorite toppings, and adjust the flavor to your personal preferences.
  • If you come with a friend or two and want to share your dining space together, just open it up.
  • Here, it's as simple as placing the yellow tray on the rectangle in front of you!
  • For the people at Ichiran, ramen is more than noodles, but an essential part of Japanese culinary culture that everyone should experience regardless of nationality.

The Ichiran Ramen is popular with men and women alike—including people from overseas, who may make up half of the customers depending on the day.

Let's take a tour of an Ichrian Ramen experience to discover why it's not your typical Japanese ramen shop.

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