A Guide to Inarizushi: Japan's Sweet Sushi Pockets

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  • Inarizushi with pickled cherry blossoms.
  • For a sweet and spicy version of inarizushi.
  • Mixed into the rice before being stuffed into the inari pocket.
  • Seaweed salad is popular both within Japan restaurants.

In Japan, inarizushi can be widely found in all variety of sushi restaurants, ordered as a side dish at many noodle and teishoku (set meal) restaurants, and is a popular addition to bento boxes.

Although not thought of as a dessert, it's sweet flavor offers a sense of having a sweet treat with a meal. At its most basic, inarizushi is a pocket of rice, but it is as about as versatile as a sandwich, as it can be filled with a huge array of ingredients.

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