The Izu / Kawazu cherry blossom festival


  • The lighted cherry blossoms appear on the surface of the water. Like a movie scene.
  • Luxurious moment while staying in the bathtub.
  • You can purchase raw eggs (150 yen · tax included) at the shop and make hot spring eggs.

Kawazu cherry blossoms bloom for about 1 month from early February to early March until early flowering. It is characterized by a large and pink flower, it is considered to be a natural hybrid of the scarlet cold cherry and the early bloom Oshima cherry tree.

The annual "Kawazu Sakura Festival" held in Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gTun, Shizuoka Prefecture, will be held from 10th February to 10th March 2018 for a month. "Kawazu Sakura" is the early blooming cherry blossoms that will begin to bloom in early February every year in Kawazu town and will be in full bloom in early March. From the downstream of the ri river to the vicinity of the river mouth, a cherry blossom tree runs for about 4 km along the river.

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