Recommend a day-trip hot spring hotel where you can see Mt. Fuji while taking a bath.


  • Fuji and Kawaguchiko reflected summer and winter fireworks events
  • Family oriented outdoor bath (Photo provided by Yamadaya Hotel)
  • For women's hot springs, use pink gem
  • The Lakefront outdoor bath where you can see the Mt. Fuji throughout the four seasons (Photo provided by Fuji Scenery Yuru Yurari).

Yamanashi Prefecture occupies about 80% of the area in the mountainous area, and the mountain area is a treasure house of Famous hot springs and secret hot springs, which can also be called Mt. Fuji and nature's blessings. There are many spectacular hot springs where you can take a bath while watching Mt. Fuji. The hot spring where you can see beautiful scenery while warming from the core of the body warmly, it is a healing spot! So we will introduce six of the hot springs available on a day-trip to see Mt. Fuji while staying in the bathtub!

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