Inside the world's largest MUJI, GINZA!


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  • The front desk is located on the sixth floor and the guest rooms are on the seventh through tenth floors.
  • There is only one Type I room which is the largest.
  • The amenities and other items in the guest rooms are MUJI products.
  • In the ATELIER MUJI GINZA Salon you can relax while enjoying your favorite drink.
  • Everyday fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered directly by reliable growers thus providing office workers.
  • The dishes offered include Haru no Megumi Tamago Toji [blessings of spring egg soup] .
  • On the first floor, you can purchase frozen food, retort curry, sweets, and other MUJI food products.

On April 4, 2019 its World Flagship Store and first hotel in Japan, the MUJI HOTEL GINZA.

During the preview showing the other day, the keen interest shown by the foreign media was evident by all the foreign languages heard at that time.

The shop and the hotel, located between the first basement and 10th floor, were shown.

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