Ski Resorts Miyagi


  • 宮城 Miyagi Ski
  • 宮城 Miyagi Ski

Ski slopes in Miyagi prefecture are concentrated in the mountainous area on the prefectural boarder with the adjacent Yamagata prefecture.

Some of the largest snow resorts of the prefecture are located near Mt. Zao. Ski slopes in Zao area features high quality snow due to its high altitude. During the height of the season, fantasy-like snow covered trees appear, and visitors can enjoy the views of these trees with a tour guide on a snow mobile.

Ski slopes near the urban center are only about a 40 minutes’ drive away from the city of Sendai, and during the season, some slopes are open late at night on weekdays. Skiers can enjoy sightseeing in the city during day time and venture out to the ski slopes in the evening to enjoy night cruising while admiring the great night views. Onikoube ski resort has a variety of ski slopes to meet the needs of all skiers from beginners to experts and is ideal for families with children. Miyagi prefecture is also known for its Sendai beef that is tender and smooth to the palate. Sendai beef is a juicy, supreme quality brand beef, and visitors must taste it.

Sendai beef tongue is also well-known and specialty restaurants are found in various parts of Sendai. Set meal with grilled beef tongue, barley rice, and tail soup is a popular authentic menu. Visitors also cannot miss the former site of Sendai castle, one of the most famous tourist spots in Sendai. The castle was the headquarters of Masamune Date who was a famous feudal lord during the Warring States period.

The castle was also called Aobajo castle as it stood on the Aoba Hills. Unfortunately, the castle burnt down, but the stone walls remained. The reconstructed structure, Wakiyagura (side turret), is reminiscent of the castle of the time.

From the former site of the main enclosure, panoramic view of the city of Sendai and the Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed as well as a beautiful night view. The bronze statue of Masamume Date on horseback impresses the visitors there. Matsushima, recognized as one of the three greatest scenic views of Japan, is a popular tourist spot.

Over 260 islands of different sizes are found in Matsushima Bay, and visitors can enjoy the view from the platform or cruise the bay on a sightseeing boat. Matsushima is also known for its oysters, congee eels, and seafood dishes including grilled fresh seafood. During winter season, “oyster hut” that serves all-you-can-eat oysters are open. In the town along the ocean, there are many temples related to Masamune Date, one of which, Zuiganji-temple built in refined Momoyama style is most famous.

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