Railway Journey: Tourist train trip! Experience riding SL "Taiki" running Nikko / Kinugawa


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  • If want to see the SL rotate slowly, please visit 12: 05 or 15: 30 times.
  • Take the blue passenger car No.2. The door is closed and it's time to start !!
  • It goes through the overpass bridge (SL) where the panel of SL
  • Nikko specialty Juha (Yuba) . There is a coal shovel type spoon in bento.
  • Vanilla taste is also black!
  • On the outer wall of the station building are decorations of

"Taiki" is an SL train that Tobu Railway revived in August 2017 for the first time in about half a century. I will drive in 12.4 km section from Shimoumaichi station of Nikko city in Tochigi prefecture to Kinugawa ___ spa station in about 35 minutes. We will guide you on a journey of SL "Taiki" full of fun, including scenery visible from car window, in-car sales of original goods and special ice cream, hospitality by SL tourism attendant!

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