Take a helicopter tour and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo!


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  • You know that Tokyo under the helicopter is like this!
  • The flight time is about 15 minutes. In addition to providing a helicopter experience, there is also a private aircraft rental service.
  • You may never have thought that the Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tower can be so close and so small.
  • It is famous for Tokyo's famous attractions such as Akihabara, Ginza, Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo.

From JR to the north exit of Maiko, there is a van from the station gate to Pu'an Helicopter Airport. Before going to the plane, you will be asked to go to the boarding room for security check, pre-departure instructions and arrange seats.

The flight route is from the Maiko to Tokyo Station. You can see Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, Odaiba's Rainbow Bridge, Skytree, etc., and enjoy Mumbai from the sky to see the Tokyo Metropolitan daytime or the beautiful night view. If the weather is good, you can see it. Mount Fuji. The journey of magnificent beauty and romantic feelings, whether it is marriage proposal, birthday celebration, anniversary, sharing important memories with precious memories that will never be forgotten.

Because of Fei'an considerations, if you have shooting needs, you can carry a normal digital camera and a monocular camera and turn off the flash. However, it is impossible to shoot during the take-off and landing, and the apron has special shooting specifications. If you want to take a photo with the helicopter, please ask the service staff around you after the trip.

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