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  • 富士山 Mount Fuji
  • 富士山 Mount Fuji

Registered as a World Heritage Site in 2013, Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. A symbol of Japan since the ancient times, it is also known as a power spot with myths and legends passed down from generation to generation. The fifth station uphill is a tourist spot for visitors who are not into mountain climbing.

Worshiped as the symbol of Japan since ancient times, it is believed to be a place flowing with mystical energy as the setting of myths and legends. The opening of the Fuji Subaru Line in 1964 made access by car or bus possible up to the halfway point called Gogome. The Gogome parking area referred to as “the boundary of heaven and earth” is the base point for sightseeing. It welcomes those who want to easily enjoy sightseeing rather than mountain climbing.

Spots of interest around the Gogome area include Okuniwa, where legend says the mountain spirit came down to play, nature trails for hiking around the area, Komitake Shrine dedicated to the goddess Iwanagahime no Mikoto, and even a bakery selling melon buns is shaped like Mt. Fuji.

Also enjoy the four seasons at the foot of the mountain and the Fuji Five Lakes located at the northern foot. Lava flowing from Mt. Fuji dammed up rivers and formed these lakes, known for the reflection of the “Upside-down Fuji” on the lake surface.

The snow capped Mt. Fuji in the winter is also a sight to see. By taking in the huge scale of Mt. Fuji from different perspectives, you will surely understand why the Japanese have admired and respected the mountain since ancient times, why it is the subject of many paintings and literary works, and get a sense of the Japanese aesthetic values and artistic sensibility.

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