Yamagata Zao's ice Ice Light up is a fantastic and spectacular view!


  • In the blue sky, the contrast of white snow and red ropeway shines (Photo provided by: Zao ropeway)
  • Pure white ice monster is illuminated by the light of three colors and vivid (Photo provided by Zao ropeway)
  • Pure white ice monster is illuminated

Yajima Zao known as the largest snow resort in Tohoku. "Rikui" which is also a synonym for Zao is a natural art brought about by the weather conditions peculiar to this place. It is also called a snow monster because the appearance of trees covered with ice and snow looks like a monster. Especially the appearance of lighted-up is very fantastic and it attracts different expressions from daytime. To see the ice at night in the immediate vicinity, we recommend "Lake Ice Fantasy Corridor" tour by going by the Night Cruiser (Snow Car).

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