Recommendation plan: A gourmet event for experiencing Japanese food

My recommendation "Tsukiji Tama Sushi"

A restaurant where you learn to prepare sushi like a chef

Tsukiji Tamazus

I had the chance, with four other exchange students, to visit the "Tsukiji Tama Sushi" restaurant to learn how to make sushi like a chef. Mitchan, a true sushi chef with 30 years of experience, patiently taught us that although it may look easy, preparing sushi actually requires the careful precision of a professional.

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And for all his 30 years in the business, he is the least experienced of the five sushi chefs at that restaurant!
Motioning with the portion of fish in one hand and the roll of rice in the other, he fitted the two essential elements together in a series of manipulations that resembled a ceremony. With a "Hai, o matase! (And here you are!),"
he presented us with the completed sushi. Next, we got to try our hand. And though I do say so myself, the results were pretty delicious!

If you want to eat delicious sushi, Tsukiji Tamasushi is my number-one recommendation. Never before in my life have I eaten sushi like that. Perfectly steamed rice…fresh fish that melts in your mouth…. And of course, cheery Mitchan and the other very friendly chefs. When you visit, be sure to say hello from me!