Get it at Tokyu Hands! Top 10 Souvenir Items!


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  • Isshindo Honten/ Fuku Fuku Lip (Lucky Lucky Lip) in Strawberry Red 1,080 yen (tax included)<br />
Bring good luck your way with
  • By Hashy. Penguin soy sauce dispenser (black)/ Height 89mm, holds up to 90 ml of soy sauce/ 842 yen<br />
A soy sauce dispenser is a staple at any Japanese kitchen table.
  • By Alta/From left to right: Dog saucer (Suwaru/Sit); cat saucer (Korogasu/roll a ball); Panda saucer (Miageru/look up)/ Dimensions: 10x10x2.5 cm / 410 yen (tax included)<br />
Add soy sauce and watch the adorable silhouette of an animal appear before your eyes.
  • By Asahara Kougyou/Chackee Kyokuuma; Green (Shizuoka green tea); blue (barley tea), black (oolong tea)/ 648 yen (tax included)<br />
To use: remove cap and inner plug; shake once to release powdered tea into a mug then add hot or cold water for a delicious cup of tea.
  • By Asahi Electrochemical Co.,/ Nyanto Nobiru Mago no Te / 1,080 yen<br />
With a maximum reach of 62cm, you can adjust the length as you wish.

Tokyu Hands is a DIY home improvement retailer located near hub train stations like Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo.

Tokyu Hands' motto is "hints for everyday living," and the items found at the store add a bit a joy to your daily routine while being practical and functional. Let's take a look at 10 items found at Tokyo Hands that are sure to find their way into your suitcase as souvenirs.

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