All About Kimono: Designs, Patterns, and Where To Buy!


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  • From historic marvel to modern fashion highlight, you'll be surprised at the versatility of kimono!
  • The culture, numerous kimono rental services offer tourists from all over the world to experience this amazing part of tradition.
  • Obi: a belt that holds everything in place. The outermost layer.
  • Sceneries: Cityscapes and Landscapes.

The kimono is often seen as a costume, it once was genuine clothing, worn on a daily base. The kimono isn't just worn for special occasions, but more and more international tourists and young Japanese rediscover the kimono as a fashionable garment, often combined with Western clothes.

We visited the famous souvenir shop Oriental Bazaar in Omotesando to take a thorough look at their extensive kimono department, in search for the manifold charms of this traditional Japanese garment.

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