Tosenkyo Soumen Nagashi Restaurant offers flowing somen


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  • Water is flowing in the upper part in clockwise direction and lower part in counterclockwise direction.
  • It is located in the city of Ibusuki which is famous as a hot spring tourist destination and is called
  • Entrance of municipal 唐船峡. As you go down the stairs, 3 stores are connected so you can enter from any entrance of the shop OK.
  • Also used for cooking is the spring water of Yangtze Gorges.
  • After you decide your seat, you can check the seat number, go to the ticket office window, tell the seat number and give me a ticket.
  • The worm is cooked rice with chicken.

"Somen Nagashi (Flowing Noodles / 唐船峡そうめん流し)" is one of Kagoshima prefecture most famous summer cool noodle. Pick the somen noodles up flowing around the table in a stream of cool water. The cool stream is running all the time at the side of the restaurants, which are placed in a valley, and it is cool even in summer.

The clean air and clear water makes the food so special. Enjoy entertainment-friendly "Tosen Gorges gourmet" that you can enjoy outdoors from children to adults by all means.

Year, about 20 million people also Tosen Gorges that people visit of. Among cool even in midsummer, you can experience the noodles chilled with cold water that has been certified to the best waters hundred election of March. Somen, rice balls, trout grilled, Koikoku, is coarse, but a set of A set meal is the most popular carp.

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