A trip to Kyoto that tastes noble with dynasty dishes


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  • Rokusei (京料理 六盛), Ryotei (Traditional Japanese High-class Dining).
  • Spring is cherry blossoms. Pleasure boat sightseeing in the Jishoku (Jkkokubune) is also popular.
  • Lake Biwa water flowing in front of the store. You can enjoy autumn leaves in autumn.

This is an old restaurant where you can feel the time slip to the Heian period of Japan.

Located in the east corner of Kyoto City 700 meters away from Higashiyama Station, Kyoto City Metro, it’s almost ten minutes walk.

There also are Nanzenji Temple, in 20 minutes walk, Kyoto Municipal Museum, Kyoto National Museum, except Heian Jingu Shrine.

Restaurant page

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