Japan Trend Ranking terms of use


The following Terms of Use ("Terms of Use") stipulate legal notices that apply to websites operated by Gurunavi Inc. ("Gurunavi") with respect to the services providing information in production of a Japanese fan ("Japan Trend Ranking").

Users are asked to read carefully the Terms of Use. By using the Japan Trend Ranking, users shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of the Terms of Use.


Gurunavi services

Gurunavi currently provides restaurant search services through the Japan Trend Ranking. However, various services may be added, changed or removed at the discretion of Gurunavi.


While Gurunavi permits users to access services provided by Gurunavi, it provides no guarantee regarding the content of these services, assurance of provision of these services, nor of the outcome in accessing these services.

Gurunavi shall not be held responsible for any and all damages arising from downloads or access via the search function of the Japan Trend Ranking.

Transactions conducted by users on the Japan Trend Ranking (including obtaining restaurant information, access to restaurant coupons, restaurant information requests and queries, and the use of message boards, etc.) are conducted directly between users and service providers (providers of [products or] services subject to transactions, including restaurants and their agents and so on).

Gurunavi is not included among the involved parties and therefore takes no responsibility for any transaction. Accordingly, in the event that a problem occurs in a transaction, the user shall work directly with the service provider to resolve the matter.


For queries regarding services and products, content displayed on the Japan Trend Ranking, and the privacy policy of the service providers, users are requested to contact service providers directly.


Gurunavi shall not be held responsible for system interruptions, delays, discontinuation, data-loss caused by damage to communications lines or computers, or damage caused by unauthorized access or any other damage caused to users of the Japan Trend Ranking. Gurunavi does not guarantee that emails or content sent from the Gurunavi webpage, server, or domain are free of computer viruses, etc.


While Gurunavi may provide appropriate information and advice to users and service providers, it takes no responsibility for actions resulting from such information and advice.


Member-only services

For services where a membership is required, users are asked to carefully read the Gurunavi Membership Terms and adhere to these terms at all times.


Privacy Policy

All membership information and information related to users which Gurunavi receives shall be handled in accordance with Gurunavi's privacy policy which is set forth separately.
» Privacy Policy


Adhering to terms

Regarding the use of the Japan Trend Ranking, there are cases where Gurunavi and Gurunavi's partners set different terms separately. In this case, it is necessary for the user to agree to those terms to use the services. Please carefully read all of these terms and adhere to them at all times.


Prohibited actions

Users are prohibited from conducting the following when using the Japan Trend Ranking. If these terms are breached, Gurunavi may cease or refuse transactions made by the user. Users are responsible for any damages incurred against Gurunavi as a result of their actions.

1)Any action that violates the rights, earnings, benefits or reputation of Gurunavi, partners of Gurunavi, other users, or other third parties. Any action that violates the privacy of others or slanders others.

2)[Any action that involves placing orders with no intent to make payment for the order, placing an order without an intention to make the purchase,] Conducting transactions using a false identity, any action that registers or notifies false information, or any other action that is deemed fraudulent.

3)Any action that is intended for sales or profit-oriented activities using the Japan Trend Ranking without permission.

4)Any action that is in breach of laws or regulations.

5)Any action that is in breach of the terms set by Gurunavi.

6)Any action that involves uploading, posting or sending content such as computer viruses, computer codes, files or programs that are designed to interfere with, destroy or limit computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment.

7)Any action that involves gathering and accumulating personal information of other users, regardless of the methods used.



In some cases, links to third-party websites or resources are placed on the Japan Trend Ranking, or links to the Japan Trend Ranking are placed on third-party websites or resources. In these cases, Gurunavi does not manage these websites or resources, and as such takes no responsibility for their content or the outcome of accessing or using these links. Users are asked to refer to the terms of use of the third-party websites or resources.



To analyze the access history and user conditions and to enhance provision of the best services to users, Gurunavi gathers information on each user's IP address and mobile phone identification number when users access the Gurunavi server, and uses cookies to gather information about access history, etc. If the user's browser is set up to reject cookies, it is possible that some parts of the Japan Trend Ranking may not function properly.


Trademarks, copyright, etc.

Content posted on the Japan Trend Ranking (including information, data, software, music, audio, photos, illustrations, images, video, messages, etc.) (collectively "Gurunavi content") shall belong to Gurunavi, or Gurunavi is authorized or permitted to use the content. All Gurunavi content is protected by copyright law.


Users may download restaurant menus, maps, or coupons on the Japan Trend Ranking for private use only, and may, to a reasonable degree, print out pages of the Japan Trend Ranking for use. However, users cannot remove, alter or change any copyrights or other records displayed in the content.


Unauthorized duplication, public transmission, revision, alteration, commercial usage, or posting or reprinting of Gurunavi content to third party websites is a violation of Gurunavi's copyrights and property rights, and is deemed a copyright infringement.


Proprietary rights of user-generated content

Information such as recommendations, reviews, comments, questions, recipes, posting on the Message Boards, etc. and all other content regarding restaurants and services, etc., that users have sent to Gurunavi ("user-generated content"), will be handled in the following manner.


Copyright of user-generated content shall be attributed to Gurunavi at the point where the content is sent to Gurunavi. Users must guarantee that the content is their own original work, and not include content which is related to copyright or other rights of a third party.
However, when this is not the case, where a third party is also necessarily involved with the creation of the content, it is assumed and warranted that the user must assume the responsibility and burden for the required handling of rights.


Gurunavi holds the rights to freely use user-generated content in accordance with copyright laws, including duplication, public transmission, translation, and adaptation of the content (including authorization rights provided by Gurunavi to third parties).

The user shall not claim moral rights of authorship over the user-generated content (including disclosure rights, naming disclosure rights, and rights of integrity).

However this rule does not apply if the use of this content by Gurunavi defames the users. There are no regional restrictions, copyright display obligations, or other conditions attached to the use of this user-generated content, the period shall be the length for which the user-generated content copyright is in effect, and no compensation, such as royalties, etc., shall be generated.


Changes to Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are subject to revision by Gurunavi without notice as appropriate. Since Gurunavi shall not separately inform users upon revision, users are asked to check the Terms of Use when using Japan Trend Ranking. The content of the change shall be deemed to have been accepted by users when they use Japan Trend Ranking.


Other terms

The laws of Japan shall be applicable to the relationship between the users and Gurunavi. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first hearing for any and all disputes between the users and Gurunavi.


April 25, 2013