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  • 岐阜 Gifu Ski
  • 岐阜 Gifu Ski
  • 岐阜 Gifu Ski

Ski slopes are concentrated in the Okumino and Hida areas in northern Gifu prefecture.

Opening of the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway drastically improved access to these ski slopes from Toyama and Nagoya areas. Skiers and snowboarders from Chukyo area frequent these ski slopes. Since there are variety of slopes with ample snowfalls, skiers can choose slopes that suit their skills or preference. Skiers should also visit Shirakawa-go historic village designated as a World Heritage as well as Hidatakayama area.

1.4 million tourists visit Shirakawa-go each year to see the village with beautiful gassho-zukuri architectures. Takayama that is also called “little Kyoto of Hida” is known for its old townscape and morning market. It has won three stars in the guidebook, Voyager Pratique Japon by Michelin of France.

It is a popular tourist spot where 3 million visitors come each year. Visitors can experience traditions and culture of Japan in addition to enjoying skiing and snowboarding. By getting up early and going to the morning market, visitors can enjoy local food items and folk art crafts that they cannot find in cities. Hobamiso that has been eaten since old times in Hida is something that one should not miss. It is an authentic menu item, topped with Hida beef, and is served in Japanese restaurants and inns in Hida to please their guests.

In addition, there are great hot springs such as Okuhida Onsengo and Gero Onsen that is one of the three great hot springs in Japan. As such, Gifu is filled with tourist spots. Although there are no large-scale snow resorts in Gifu like those found in Hokkaido or Nagano, great facilities and quality slopes will satisfy skiers and snowboarders, and there are also tourist spots to experience traditional Japanese culture in the vicinity. Visitors from overseas will be able to encounter various attractive features here in addition to the snow resorts.

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