5 Reasons Why There Are So Many Vending Machines in Japan


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  • Trash cans for PET bottles and cans are either installed directly in the vending machine or right next to it.
  • In summer, most of Japan's vending machines only offer cold drinks but as soon as the temperatures start to drop at the beginning of winter, warm beverages will be part of almost every machine’s selection.
  • While the thought of corn soup probably doesn't knock you off your socks, Japan's

There is very little vandalism in Japan, so even if a vending machine is installed in a public space such as a park or on the sidewalk, it rarely gets broken.

Because Busy People Love the Convenience!

There are genuine reasons for the abundance of these vending machines. We asked Hachiyoh, a Tokyo-based company responsible for vending machine maintenance: why are there so many in Japan?

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